Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lauren's Pin of the Week

- Our awesome intern, Lauren, is going to be doing a blog series inspired by some of her favorite pinterest pins. She's starting her gig with some rustic decor - enjoy!  And make sure you are following the Details team on Pinterest - here are the links to look us up.    -    -    -  

So, this is my first official blog…ever!  I am so happy to be starting off in my favorite month of the year, October.  Everything about this month inspires me…just take a look at my on Pinterest! 

Right now I am really loving the rustic themed weddings.  This week I chose the pin shown below because I am in love with this floral arrangement.  It is made up of beautiful sunflowers with just a hint of purple and green.  They are subtle enough for a fall wedding; however, they are bold enough to make an impression.

What’s great about this pin is that if you broaden your imagination, you can also do other things with the tree stumps and floral arrangements after the ceremony is over.  The vision I picture is moving the floral arrangements from the ceremony to the reception area and using them as centerpieces.  The tree stumps…you could use these to make your wedding more intimate by arranging them into a lighted passageway from the reception to parking.  You could use mason jars wrapped in burlap or lace and insert votive candles to sit on top of the stumps for the lighting.  I saw this used at a recent wedding and it was so warm and beautiful.

Don’t forget to check out my blog again next week for another one of my favorite pins!

- Lauren


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kristen & Greg : Engagement Pics

I have several gorgeous engagement shoots coming up over the next few weeks - I wanted to kick it off with Kristen & Greg as their November wedding is fast approaching! I love these shots from , and I'm so glad Kristen & Greg brought their 'kids' along for the ride!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ericka & Mote are Married!

I love having a plan B that comes together amazingly, and this weekend was one of those times. Arkansas got a big cold front the day before Ericka and Mote had planned to do outdoor portraits and an outdoor ceremony - thanks to lots of planning, their day still turned out perfectly! Enjoy this sneak peek with a bonus at the end.

The gorgeous florals are from Althea at and the unique venue was the .

I know this next pic is blurry, but oh my gosh, they had so much fun dancing back down the aisle! Loved it!

We were so lucky that the amazing staff at the new Chancellor Hotel on the square in Fayetteville let Ericka and Mote come into the Chancellor's suite and shoot. While Ericka's phtographer had planned an outdoor afternoon of shooting, this turned out to be so cool and special! I can't wait to see the pics from - here's a pic from my instagram feed (@amychardin) of the gorgeous space. See this site